Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Foot Dexterity

A doctor once told me I had beautiful arches.
So, one of the perks of having OCD is that I have amazing foot dexterity.  Why, you may ask?  Because I have learned to pick things up with my feet.

Extreme hand-washing isn't the only part of OCD, but it certainly plays a role, at least for me.  There have been phases in my life where I have washed my hands extensively just to feel appropriately clean. 

These times have stuck with me... so, even though I'm not in an extreme-hand-washing phase of my life, I still try to avoid getting my hands dirty whenever possible, because I HATE over hand washing.

In the bathroom, for example, when I throw a tissue and miss the trash can and something falls on the floor... I know that if I pick it up with my hands, I'll have to wash them.  Doesn't matter what it is... the bathroom floor is a scary place.   
The same goes for cooking sometimes in the kitchen when things fall on the floor and need to go in the trash.  I already over wash my hands when cooking, so if I can avoid doing something that will make me feel like my hands are dirty, I'm going to damn well do it.

That's where my feet come in.  When I'm in my house I'm usually rocking out barefoot.  So, I just pick whatever it is up with my feet and avoid the whole problem. 

Feet weren't particularly designed for picking things up, but I've found with practice you can do pretty well.  Definitely well enough for my purposes, anyway.

Now, I'm sure therapists would call this a tragedy, but seeing how good I've gotten at picking stuff up with my feet, I'm calling this a triumph.


  1. I'd call it a great skill -- and one I wish I could better master (although I'm not half bad at it -- that said, my arches are terrible!) I tend to overwash too, but for different reasons in a way -- because of my lung stuff and coughing I want to be sure my hands are clean. Even though it isn't contagious, people get worried. And especially when I am cooking! I've found a couple of hand lotions/creams I like a lot and that helps. I need to master the toe thing better!

  2. Well that sounds like fun . . . I think I will try it . . .
    It might stop me from typing all these dot, dot, dots on my comments and posts. Typing with my toes . . . I doubt it!
    I am happy you shared and that you have found something that has deterred you from the excessive hand washing.

    1. Haha! Typing would definitely take it to another level. I also use a lot of ellipses. I think it's because we are typing while we are thinking... it's like a stream of consciousness thing.