Wednesday, December 7, 2016


A helper.
The other day my mom and I were working on making my bed and Gus decided (as he always does when we make the bed) that the best way to help out was by sitting in the middle of the mattress.

Mom concluded, "Now we can't make the bed."

But we did.  We put the blankets over that silly pup and continued.

That's the funny thing about the term "can't". Yes... there are times that you literally cannot do something.  However, most of the time we use the word to cover up something else.

Instead of "I can't do this," what we really mean is "I won't do this," "I am too afraid to do this," or "I don't want to do this."  

This is especially true with OCD.  OCD is always telling me that if I don't perform some compulsion, I can't go on.  I worry that I won't make it through the anxiety if I don't listen, or something bad will happen if I don't comply. Sometimes my OCD also tells me that my anxiety over something will never disappear, no matter what I do.  It says "You can't get over this."

Well guess what?  OCD is wrong.  I CAN.  Not because I'm some superhuman, exceptional person, but because I keep going.

So here's to the triumph over can't.  You are strong and you will get through whatever trial you are facing.


  1. Yes, you can! And do! And will!

    Gus and Lizzie have something in common -- being made up in the bed!

    1. Nice to hear that Lizzie is a good helper too! :-)