Monday, July 11, 2016

Wine Weekend

Tasting Tray!
I had the most wonderful time at the Ohio wineries in Madison this weekend.  My boyfriend and I stayed at the loveliest B&B called The Lost Pearl and went to a number of different wineries and did tastings (favorites including M Cellars and Laurentia).

Obviously wine is alcoholic (Many would say that is one of its best characteristics!)  That being said, the thing about drinking when you're on OCD/anxiety medication is that you have to be very cognizant of what you're doing.

On certain medications you can't drink at all, and then on others you just have to be very careful.  

Depending on your view, the tragedy or triumph is that certain pills can make you get drunk faster.  

This alone wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, but the problem is drinking on pills may also just give you a tummy ache .  Or worse.  I had a friend in college who passed away from some deadly mix of drinking and Xanax. (If you are ever thinking of trying that combo - DON'T).

Ultimately, most of these drugs are serious business and they need to be treated that way.  No matter what pills you're on, listen to what your doctor says.  Alcohol/pill reactions are not something to mess around with.


  1. Did you fare OK after the tasting, Laura? You're so wise to know the pitfalls and when to stop. I really think a lot of people think, "Well, a little won't hurt"-- and it might not, but sometimes it's hard to just where "a little" ends!